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A Bitachon State of Mind

In response to a financially discouraged individual in the year 5725; the Rebbe shares a thoughtful tool for strengthening one's bitachon: reflecting on all the good that Hashem does in one’s life. 

The foundational reflection:

… Surely he knows that it is not only a matter of world outlook for a Jew, but one of the very foundations of the Jew's faith, that G-d's Providence extends to everyone individually, and in every aspect of one's individual life. How much more so where it is not only an individual matter, but is related to the Parnosso of the whole family. At the same time it should be remembered that G-d's Providence is a benevolent Providence; that G-d is the Essence of Goodness and desires to do good, for, "It is in the nature of the good to do good."... It is only necessary to reflect upon this frequently and deeply, and all anxiety and worry would be dispelled at once.

The generational reflection:

…If the above is true in every case and at all times and places, it should certainly be obvious to Jews in our own time, since every one of us has seen G-d's kindness, especially Jews who had a miraculous escape from the dangers of the second World War. How can one allow himself to be so confused by the Yetzer Hara, as to be overcome by anxiety or worry?

How one should reflect:

…. But this faith should not be merely a matter of lip service, but must have the full force of conviction. And this is not hard to achieve, if one reflects on what has been said above, and frequently, calmly and objectively.


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