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Parents Considering Abortion

The decision to have or not to have an abortion can be one of the most challenging decisions for a parent. Below, we will find how the Rebbe helped such parents out in these tumultuous stages of their lives.

Rabbi Tuvia Bolton was once contacted by a woman considering having an abortion unless she was to get a clear directive from the Rebbe saying otherwise. After faxing in her request to the Rebbe, a surprisingly quick response was sent back with a clear message that the Rebbe was listening to her and that she should reconsider. The woman, amazed by the response, did not go through with the abortion. The Rebbe concluded by quoting the famous Gemara that she had saved the entire world by saving this one life.

Rabbi Tuvia Bolton, a senior lecturer at Yeshiva Ohr HaTmimim in Kfar Chabad, related the following incident:


In the following letter, the Rebbe discusses his opinion on the perspective a parent should view pregnancy and having children in general; both being a blessing from Hashem and that the parent does not have the authority to decide the fate of the embryo.

By the Grace of G-d

22nd of Cheshvan, 5733 Brooklyn, N.Y. Mrs.

Seaford, N.Y. Blessing and Greeting:

I am in receipt of your letter in which you write highlights of your personal history and present state of health, in connection with your pregnancy.

Generally speaking, in such a situation, and what has to be done, it is necessary to consult a practicing Rov, giving him all the pertinent information he may require in order to advise you what to do in accordance with our Torah and halacha.

However, while I do not pasken shaalos, I can nevertheless convey to you my opinion on the nevertheless convey to you my opinion on the basis of your letter. This is that pregnancy and children are a blessing from G-d and therefore it is certain that He Who gives children also gives necessary strength and capacities to go through the act of birth, etc. and G-d may be fully trusted.

As for your husband's attitude, as you write, I trust that he will himself recognize that he has no authority to decide the fate of an embryo, to let it develop or to kill it, G-d forbid. I may add, in your case specifically, that it is very significant, as you yourself write, that your husband was not originally enthused about the prospect of your third child, yet is now happy about it.

Judging by your writing, I am sure that it is unnecessary to emphasize to you at length the need to strengthen adherence in the daily life to the Will of G-d, including - and this is essential too - strengthening bitochon in G-d, Whose benevolent Providence extends to each and everyone individually, and to go about your daily everyone individually, and to go about your daily life with confidence, joy and gladness of heart. This widens the channels to receive G-d's blessings, and to recognize and enjoy them in the fullest measure. Since you request an urgent reply, this letter has been acknowledged ahead of its turn, and is sent to you by special delivery.

With blessing,


The Halacha varies in context of levels of danger to the mother and stage of the pregnancy.

Therefore, it is imperative to consult a Rov in all cases, whether is seems to be a case where one should be maikel or machmir.


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