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Gain perspective on antisemitism, as illuminated by Torah and the Rebbe's Hadracha.


We do not venture to say that we know what Torah or the Rebbe’s position is on this event or on any other event or subject. We are merely presenting various ideas that may have some bearing on what is taking place today.


Topics Included

  • The Yiddishe Boycott

  • We are All Hashem's Creations

  • You Deserve it, So Be Proud of It!

  • Antisemitism is an Unfortunate Reality

  • The Hatred is Still There

  • Getting to the Bottom of the Problem

  • The Alter Rebbe Knows What He’s Talking About!

  • The Two Groups of Anti-Semites

  • Most Politicians are Not Anti-Semites

  • You Can Put On a Wig!

  • The History of Antisemitism

  • Our Miraculous Survival

  • A Yid is Different!


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