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Correspondence to the Grandparents

A Woman’s First Pregnancy

The following is a letter written to the parents of a young pregnant woman who was going through a difficult stage in her marriage. In the postscript of the letter, dealing with the idea of aborting the fetus, the Rebbe gives a fresh perspective for this particular case on why one should reconsider such an option explaining, that a woman's first pregnancy is a very sensitive time and the effects of abortion in such a case can negatively affect the woman:

The letter:


What follows below is really self-evident. However, in order not to leave even a shadow of a doubt in the most important matter, I must add the following lines.

I am referring to the question that has been raised about aborting the pregnancy. My reaction is as follows: In addition to this being a most serious Issur according to our Torah, Toras Chaim, one must remember that when the matter concerns your wife in her first pregnancy, especially a person to whom the blessing of children is one of the greatest Divine blessings, particularly when a child is conceived and born Kdas Moshe v'Yisroel- who can take the responsibility to advise her, G-d forbid, to destroy, with her own hands so to speak, the child she is carrying in her womb?

To conclude in the spirit of Purim, just as when for the Jews there was - in the words of the Megillah "Light, joy, gladness and honor" as we recall these words every Motzoei Shabbos, adding "So be it for us"-may this indeed be so for all concerned, in the midst of all the Jewish people.

The Letter & The Spirit 5, pg. 120


Tell Them the Truth the Way it Is!

In response to parents trying to convince their daughter to have an abortion, the Rebbe responded that they should be told the truth the way it is. Aborting the fetus will be their daughter killing her child and them killing their grandchild!

מענה לא' שכתב ע"ד בני זוג הדורשים מבתם לבצע הפלה ר"ל:

ט' אייר תשד"מ לדבר על לבם האמת כמו שהיא – שדרישת הורי' לעשות הפלה היא כפשוטה – שהבת תי' תהרוג ר"ל את ילדה. והם – יהרגו את הנכד שלהם ר"ל ועד סוף ימי חייהם יוחקק בנשמת כאו"א מהם שעשו זה. ובודאי ישללו הנ"ל בהחלט. אזכיר עה"צ.

(לקו"ש חכ"ד ע' 430)

The previous individual wrote to the Rebbe again, to which the Rebbe responded sharply:
י"ג אייר תשד"מ יאמר לו אותם הדברים ובהוספה שע"פ הנ"ל הוא המסית ר"ל עוד כו"כ לרצוח כו'. ומסיימים בטוב. אזכיר עה"צ.

(לקו"ש חכ"ד ע' 430)


The Halacha varies in context of levels of danger to the mother and stage of the pregnancy.

Therefore, it is imperative to consult a Rov in all cases, whether is seems to be a case where one should be maikel or machmir.


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