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We are All Hashem's Creations

In Cheshvan of 5751, a terrible antisemitic incident took place in front of the synagogue in Warsaw, Poland. After a short correspondence between Mr. Arkadiusz Rybicki, President of the Council for Polish-Jewish Relations Office and the Rebbe about the need for more protective measures to be taken for Polish Jewry, the Rebbe went on to explain an essential point:

“Our Sages of the Talmud explain why the creation of man differed from the creation of other living species and why, among other things, man was created as a single individual, unlike other living creatures created in pairs. One of the reasons – our Sages declare – is that it was G-d’s design that the human race, all humans everywhere and at all times, should know that each and all descend from the one and the same single progenitor, a fully developed human being created in the image of G‑d, so that no human being could claim superior ancestral origin; hence would also find it easier to cultivate a real feeling of kinship in all inter-human relationships.”


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