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Why Doesn’t Hashem Make Peace?

Like a parent raising their children

A child asked the Rebbe: Why have there been wars for almost 2,000 years, and Hashem doesn’t make peace?

The Rebbe responded:

"כמו בחינוך בנים שההורים אוהבים אותם באמת - שההורים משתדלים שיהיו עצמאים ושבהבנת עצמם יתנהגו כדבעי וכו' (ולא שיוכרחו לזה ע"י מכות ר"ל ועונש) ושכל אחד מהבנים ישפיע על השאר בזה."

Free Translation:

Just like when a parent is educating their children whom they love dearly - the parent will try their best to be see if the children can be independent and learn on their own how to behave etc (not be forced into it by discipline and punishment). And that each of the children will influence the rest.

-ליקוט מענות, ב’ חשון תש”מ


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