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Women’s Involvement

The Rebbe often wrote directly to the women to emphasize their role and enlist their help in the mivtzoim.

The following letter was written shortly after the hijacking and rescue of the hostages in Uganda and the subsequent attempt by terrorists to carry out a vicious reprisal, G-d forbid, in Istanbul, Turkey. The Rebbe called on all women to make sure there is a kosher mezuzah on their doors and to encourage their neighbors to do the same.

Here is an excerpt of the letter:

In view of the recent events – the hijacking and saving of the hostages held in Uganda; and the subsequent attempt of the terrorists to perpetrate a vicious reprisal, G-d forbid, in Kushta (Istanbul), It should be understood that these events are an indication that Jews must, at the earliest possible, strengthen all aspects of their security and defenses first and foremost in their spiritual life, which is the channel to receive G-d’s blessings also in the physical aspect, namely, to know the right ways and means that have to be undertaken in the natural order of things, and to fully succeed in these efforts, in accordance with the Divine promise, “G-d, your G-d, will bless you in all that you do" – to be protected and secured from enemies, and to be spared any undesirable happenings, G-d forbid. …G-d has given our people a special gift wherewith to protect the home, namely, the Mitzvah of Mezuzah. Our Sages declare explicitly that “the home is protected by it (the Mezuzah).” …Let it also be remembered that inasmuch as all Jews constitute one body, and are bound up with one another, every Mezuzah is a Divine protection not only for the individual home, with everybody and everything in it, but each additional kosher Mezuzah that is affixed on a doorpost of any Jewish home, anywhere, adds to the protection of all our people everywhere. And considering – as mentioned above – that every Jewish housewife is an Akeres Habayis, and every Jewish girl a future Akeres Habayis, they have a special Zechus (merit) and responsibility in the matter of Mezuzah, to see to it that not only a kosher Mezuzah be affixed on every doorpost in their home that is required to have a Mezuzah, but that the same be done by their Jewish neighbors and friends, and in all Jewish homes.

Full letter:


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