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You Deserve It, So be Proud of It!

The notion that the minority isn’t entitled to the same as the majority is flawed. Keep the hard-earned position that Yidden in the USA have rightfully earned.

The 5740s were a difficult set of years for public Menorah lightings, with many communities banning its practice. In the following letter, the Rebbe takes on the issue of the ban against public menorah lightings and, thereby, the more fundamental point of uncalled for discrimination and prejudice against American Jewry:

An excerpt from the letter:

“ …the regrettable, but unavoidable, fact that the gentile majority, especially one that did not fully live up to the prescriptions of the divine moral precepts (…) - has generally considered itself entitled to everything, while anything it granted to the minority was considered an act of grace.”
“...The Jewish community in the U.S.A. is as old as the U.S.A. itself. We know the problems it faced and the actual discrimination it suffered until it has won its place in this country. Yet, even in this day and age, prejudices and anti-Semitism exist, not only latently but also overtly. Under these circumstances, we must not relax our alertness to any sign of erosion of our hard-won position...”

The Rebbe then went on to explain, in light of the above, that Jews should never have to cover up their Jewish image to gain respect from others: 
“...In summary, Jews, either individually or communally, should not create the impression that they are ashamed to show their Jewishness or they wish to gain their neighbors' respect by covering up their Jewishness. Nor will this attitude insure their rights to which they are entitled, including the privilege of publicly lighting a Chanukah Menorah, a practice which has been sanctioned by the precedent and custom, as to become a tradition…”


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