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Two Countries at War

Gain perspective on conflicts between two countries, as illuminated by Torah and the Rebbe's Hadracha.


We do not venture to say that we know what Torah or the Rebbe’s position is on this event or on any other event or subject. We are merely presenting various ideas that may have some bearing on what is taking place today.


Topics Included

  • Why Doesn't Hashem Make Peace?

  • What to Do When There is a War At Home

  • Yidden, Especially Shluchim, Can Affect the World

  • When Nations Are At War, Think About Moshiach

  • You Can Change the Political Scene!

  • The Solution is Saying הריני מקבל and אך צדיקים

  • There Are Yidden There!

  • Emunah and Bitachon

  • Hardships Should Be Abolished!

  • Quiet Diplomacy When Dealing With Russia

  • Humanitarian Aid

  • שר של מעלה

  • איסור שפיכות דמים One of the Sheva Mitzvos is

  • Country Defending Itself

  • Land Conquered by Non-Jews Through War

  • Should We Get Involved?

  • Fighting For Your Land While Not in Eretz Yisroel

  • The Leader Goes to War


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